How To Write The Main Parts Of An Argumentative Research Paper

Argumentative research paper is an easy task for those who like to question, research and read about the issues popular in politics and social studies. They have a basic structure, and if you choose a great topic that you feel passionate about, you will have no problem making a great essay. For those that struggle with writing, these kind of papers can be demanding, because they incorporate a lot of research and high writing skill necessary to communicate your key point.

There are many sites that offer professional help, some examples and great topics to work on. You can also always search for sites where you can buy research papers online for low prices. If you decide to try to write it yourself, here are some great pointers how to structure the main parts of an argumentative research paper.

Introduction – the star of the show

Once you have chosen your topic, and the argument you are trying to prove in your paper, you should start to compose an introduction. Here you will in short, basic and understandable terms explain to your reader what is the argument of your paper, what are the problems of the statement you are trying to prove, and how are you going to make your point. You can use some interesting quotes, or tell a related story, but you shouldn’t get to specific about your topic. Introductions are there to spark interest in your readers, so they have to be short and sweet.

Body of paper – where the argument starts

In the body of your argumentative paper, you will state a claim and then explain why you think it is correct of not, and how would you change and improve it. Here is the place where you can use all the literature that you have read related to the topic, cite some key ideas from famous experts on the subject and argue with their claims. Here you have to connect all the loose parts, and present a logical defense of an idea.

Conclusion – where the argument ends

At this point you have presented all the main points of your research, defended the idea you believe is the only correct one. Here, you shouldn’t ask questions or be in any doubt. This is the point where you finish your work by stating once more all the relevant fact and the only conclusion one can draw from the facts presented.