Top 22 Fresh Research Paper Topics For Middle School Students

Middle school is just about the time that students learn about the fundamentals of writing an excellent research paper. One of the keys to keeping students interested in the assignment is to write on fresh topic that hasn’t been overdone. Here are 22 research paper topics for consideration:

  1. What was the scientific reasoning behind alchemy? What do we know today that disproves its theories?
  2. What technological inventions have occurred in the last 20 years to help home owners conserve energy and protect the environment?
  3. Provide a critical analysis of the way oil spills have affected marine life in our oceans and threatens wild life on land?
  4. What are some of the biggest dramas occurring at your school and have they had an effect on the quality of teaching?
  5. What effects has online shopping had on some of the small businesses in your community? What has it done to the local economy in general?
  6. How are the cosmos formed? What can we predict about the end of the universe when so much is known about the formation of it?
  7. How do space rockets work and how are newer rockets poised to send a manned mission to Mars within the next decade?
  8. How effective are low emission and green vehicles in reducing the amount of damage done to the environment?
  9. Is paying collegiate athletes some type of salary negative for the student’s academic life or is it deserved?
  10. How effective are physical education programs in preparing students to lead healthier more active lifestyles as adults?
  11. How do small businesses in your community fair against larger companies that now sell their inventory online?
  12. Is online sports gambling equally as addicting as or more so than in-person gambling at a casino? What supporting evidence do you have?
  13. What are the dangerous effects of a high-sugar diet in students of middle school age? Are the effects short or long-term?
  14. What events led up to a recent local political scandal? How big were the effects of the scandal and how did it affect you as a student?
  15. What are the biggest causes of stress in students at your middle school? Are teachers aware that this stress?
  16. How impactful are student health programs in educating students to make healthier dietary choices?
  17. Do youth sports pose a serious threat of causing CTE in teenagers? What should leagues and organizations do to make the sport safer?
  18. What are the most effective ways in dealing with bullying at your school? Are teachers as involved in preventing bullying as they should be?
  19. How do community parks and recreation areas affect the way people behave and feel in your city?
  20. How do marine animals migrate through the course of the year and what are the primary reasons for migration?
  21. What are the most effective ways of getting students to do their middle school homework on a regular basis?
  22. Do students who attend preschool do better, worse, or about the same as students who do not attend preschool?