Completing A Good Research Paper About The Kite Runner

If you have ever been to a Middle Eastern country, you will be able to relate to The Kite Runner better. The author of the book, Khaled Hosseini, received massive success and critical appreciation for the book and the book sold in all parts of the world, especially in the West. Several noted scholars, novelists and academicians have registered their praise and appreciation for the book.

You will need more than what people said if you hope to complete a good paper on a novel like The Kite Runner. There are several components that need to be heighted. Here is a brief on all you will have to include on the subject.

  • The backdrop
  • The Taliban unrest in Afghanistan is the backdrop of the novel. The story revolves around two young boys in the first half of the story. While one of these is the legitimate son of an influential government official, we get to know the Taliban gained power slowly through the honest explanation of a child.

    There is special impetus on a kite festival, from which the novel derives its name.

  • The socio-economic conditions in Afghanistan
  • The social and economic conditions of the nation before the Taliban invasion were not too great. It would be wrong to say that the Afghans were doing too well before the Taliban uprising. But amid the social and economic challenges facing the nation at that time, there was order and discipline in the citizens.

  • Who brought the Taliban?
  • There are several theories about the Taliban. The most prominent one of them points toward the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI. They were the one responsible for the creation of organized Taliban. However, several reports suggest that after one point there was radicalization within the organization. Mention this in your research paper.

  • The role of USSR
  • The Taliban effectively freed the Afghan population from the USSR oppression with the help of the CIA. And that was pretty well received by the people of the country. However, things soon turned out to be sour when they started their own line of oppression.

  • The plot of the novel
  • The plot of the novel deals with all the above perspectives. But the focus is on a simple story, that of two children. One of them was privileged enough to go to the West and the other was not. There is a lot of conflicting human emotions that cause this person to return. Base your research on that psyche.