A Complete Manual On How To Write An APA Research Paper

Writing a research paper in APA is something you should familiarize yourself with. As far as writing is concerned, this is one of the most commonly used formats in writing. There is need to master the standard rules for other formats that exist as well. Here, a complete manual has been prepared for you. Pay attention to the following requisites:

Title page

The first page of an APA paper is the title page. It contains the title, name of the author the date and the institution’s name. One needs to be keen when composing this page so as not to confuse with other common styles. The title should be aligned in the middle and written without bolding it.

Spacing requirements

Spacing is an important part in this type of formatting. Spacing between words is quite different from the one that is employed between a word and a full stop or a comma. The former normally requires single spacing while spacing after a full stop or a comma is always doubled.


One of the many things you need to put in mind is that, the standard paper recommended for APA format is the A4 type. One should consider leaving a space from the margins all around the paper. This gives the work its ideal format. Just like in the above spacing requirement, spacing around the margin should as well be doubled or approximately one inch.

Use of sub-headings

In APA, it is advisable to employ subheadings when putting down the information. These are the small parts of the main content. They should therefore be brief, precise and relevant to the main subject under the study. Let the content you give under each subheading be strong and backed up with germane examples.

Include the header

Headers are a must in this type of writing. The best headers are those that are derived from the main title. Formulating it is easy. One only requires reading the main topic and comprehending it, after which he or she could derive the header by shortening the former. This should maintain the meaning of the text and should not lose weight.


In APA, referencing involves crafting the title of the book, mentioning the name of the main author while other minor authors’ names are written using initials. This should then be followed by year of application, the volume of the text and the page numbers. The sources are listed in this section through straight alignment.