Six General Rules For Writing A Persuasive Research Paper On The Death Penalty

The death penalty is a very controversial subject. People seem to be strongly for it or strongly against it. There is rarely any middle of the road when it comes to this subject. You are going to have to persuade your audience to agree with you on some aspect of the topic. Use our six general rules for writing a persuasive research paper on the death penalty.

Six General Rules

  1. Make sure that your topic is supported with more than just emotions. It has to have a support that is academic. You can’t convince your audience to agree with your based strictly on an emotional plea. You can use case studies, interviews, quotes, and various data for this support.
  2. You do not have to focus on whether it is correct or not, but you can explore some other aspect of the topic. You could look closely at a person who has been given the death penalty and form an opinion on it.
  3. You will need to use academic support and you will need either a works cited page or a bibliography page. Ad you will need intext citations, as well. This is still an academic paper with formal style.
  4. There are different persuasive techniques such as appeal to a person’s sense of justice or an appeal concerning what is ethical. You can use these approaches in your piece and will find them to be very effective.
  5. Find a good sample paper that you can model your paper after as you write. You will find that it is easier to compose your piece if you have a solid sample to follow. You can find a sample online or from your teacher.
  6. If you construct a strong and simple thesis statement, then your job will be easier to do. A good statement can make or break a piece. You can have as many points as you want to use in your body paragraphs. Just make sure the sentence is very strong and easy to follow. On the other hand, a poor thesis statement can result in a bad composition.

Use our six general rules and tips as you research, outline, and then compose your persuasive research paper on the death penalty. Using them will make your paper better and your job easier.