Writing An Introduction For A Research Paper On Global Warming

An important though often overlooked aspect of writing a great research paper on global warming is writing a great introduction. The introduction is your chance to set the right tone for your readers and it provides them with important information they need to know exactly what it is you will be discussing. Here’s everything you need to know to get off to a great start:

Start off with a great hook

Your opening sentence should be strong enough to compel the reader to continue reading. There are several ways to hook a reader when it comes to starting a great research paper: Some great techniques to consider are starting off with a question, a quotation, or an anecdote. The hook should, of course, relate directly with the subject of global warming and it should be something in which to the reader can make a connection with right from the start.

Provide a good background

The next few sentences of your introduction should focus on providing the reader with necessary background information on your topic. For instance, if you are writing about global warming and the effects it has on farming, you might want to provide some interesting details about how farming has changed over the course of a few decades. Or you can site how there are significantly less lands that can be used for farming. You may also provide a problem that exists an you are attempting to solve with your study.

Narrow your topic’s focus

This is a great technique used to entrance the reader and attract his or her undivided attention as you begin to discuss something that they may otherwise be unfamiliar with. Imagine using a microscope. First you want to start with a wide view then gradually move towards a more focused view. With each new lens you bring the reader closer to the specific topic in question.

End with a strong thesis

The final sentence of your introduction should be your thesis statement – and it should be a good one. Draft a few different versions just to get your ideas in a row. Select the one that is the most direct and clear way of expressing exactly what it is you are discussing and the position you are taking. In the case of global warming you want to take a definitive side and leave no room for ambiguity or misinterpretation.