Five Points To Consider When Writing A Research Paper Intro

A good research paper, just like a good movie or novel, must have a highly captivating introduction that entices the reader to read more. It is no wonder that most scholars and scientists choose to write their research paper last; to make sure that it is as impeccable as it should be. In the next few minutes, learn some tips that can go a long way in helping you write an authentic and captivating intro that does not sound like a replica of the abstract.

It should define the problem in a clear manner

A good introduction first mentions the research issue in its broad context and then slowly narrows down to the main research problem, hypothesis and the thesis statement point by point. Note that the best way to write your introduction is by giving leads on how your problem could be solved without actually giving too many details about it.

Be organized in your thoughts

Your intro should state your thoughts and points in a logical and orderly manner. State the reasons behind your research on the first lines before stating how you are going to carry out the actual research. However, you don’t have to give so much historical background for most social sciences related research topics. After all, you still have the literature review.

Keep it short if you want anyone to read it

If you are a student, you could lose marks by simply writing a fairly big introduction. Most supervisors consider a long introduction as a waste of time and a sign of laziness, even though you might have included some important points therein. So, learn to write a short introduction that huge on content and minor in redundancy.

Engage your Reader

If you love telling stories, tell one at the introduction. Otherwise, begin your introduction in a manner that will attract your readers’ attention and have them feel interested in reading your paper to the end. For instance, you may ask a thought provoking question, a puzzling scenario or an unexpected anecdote, so long as you relate it to your research topic accordingly.

Write definitions according to your own perspectives

It is common for people to get tempted to write the dictionary definitions of their research related terms and phrases in their introduction. However, this is not such a brilliant idea since most words have multiple meanings, sometimes not necessarily found in a typical dictionary.